Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Finds :: The Cutest Darn Granola Bar

I've expressed my love of 18 Rabbits granola and granola bars many times over--great ingredients (organic, sustainably-sourced and delicious), great packaging and design (come on, we all know it helps) and great minds behind the brand (my close friend Alison and her savvy team of granola ).  The San Fran-based team has now introduced Bunny Bars, petite 120 calorie versions of their bars made with kiddies in mind--no nuts included.  The bars are just as tasty and energizing as the full-size version and are quite satisfying for the adult who's hit the wall around 4pm and needs an afternoon pick-me-up.  The bars come in 4 flavors, or rather 4 rabbit-eared friends (Mimi Merry Mango Strawberry, Rocco Choco Banana, Squeaky Cheeky Choco Cherry and Deedee Dot Cherry Apricot) to make them that much more kid-friendly, healthy and fun at the same time.  Given their commitment to encouraging healthy eating in kids and to nutrition education, the brand has partnered with the San Francisco Food Bank to give back more than 1% of sales from bars to local SF urban schools.
You'll find 18 Rabbits's big bars at various Whole Foods locations nationwide, Wegmans, Fairway, Cibo (in a number of airports) as well as online.  For a full list of stockists or to snag them online, click here.
Happy weekend!

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