Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm obsessed...

You know when you've found a hidden gem of a restaurant or bar when you get giddy just thinking about it...and can't stop talking about it all week long. Earlier this week I had the good fortune of discovering the wine bar downstairs from Peasant, a rustic Italian restaurant -- with phenomenal food -- in Nolita. The wine bar was just as phenomenal. The perfect setting for my friend's birthday, for a date, or just for grabbing a glass of wine and some antipasti nibbles with friends on a chilly autumn evening. The cavernous, candlelit interior, wooden tables and extensive wine list warmed me up super fast. The vibe is laid-back and friendly and the food is perfectly simple. I hear crowds can get kind of rowdy late night, but this is definitely one place to check out sometime soon.

And on a random side-note, I'm also obsessed with my friend's band's hit song and video "Obsessed with You" . Check out the Orion Experience on itunes, their songs were recently featured on the Hills and they frequently play in NYC and LA. They rock!

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