Monday, June 21, 2010

In the Kitchen :: Plated Part Deux

A quick follow up to Friday's post on hip, pretty plates.  Here's the result of that afternoon's lunch - a summery fresh salad with whatever was left in my fridge, finished off with herbs straight my balcony's herb "garden!"

summer salad | a mix of boston lettuce and purslane (a summer lettuce that's surprisingly rich in antioxidants & omega-3 fats, pick some up at the Union Sq greenmarket).  toss in strawberries, cherry tomatoes, avocado slices and a bit of goat cheese and toasted pine nuts.  sprinkle fresh tarragon and chopped basil over top and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt and fresh pepper to finish.  super simple and satisfying lunch!

the small but GROWING "garden" on my patio - basil, lemon verbena, tarragon, tomatoes, strawberries & more!

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