Friday, May 1, 2009

Casting call for new Farm to Table TV show!

For all you foodies and locally-grown fans out there, Zachary Cohen's new TV reality show, Farm to Table: The Emerging American Meal is looking for guest stars! The premise of the show, in Cohen's words is "following food from farm to table, sketching the journey our daily bread makes. Starting at the farm, meeting the stewards of the land, engaging them on their turf. And we simply follow the flow from there."
Not only will Farm to Table be following farmers, cheese makers, artisans, etc, but the show also wants real people, YOU, to write in and share stories, scenarios and questions around your thoughts on and experiences with the sustainable food movement, how you've made your kitchen and fridge a little greener, a little more local etc. Never know, they might contact you to film your story and bring your food experiences into the world of reality TV. The show sounds awesome, check out Cohen's website and blog and start sharing!

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