Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Double down your waistline - KFC's latest creation

You typically see light, healthful fare on this blog, but Kentucky Fried Chicken's latest and not-so-greatest sandwich creation deserves a call out and a fairly large red flag. Check out the news story below which highlights the monstrosity of sandwich! Who needs bread or a bun when you can sandwich pepper jack, Swiss cheese, bacon and the Colonel's special sauce in between two original recipe fried chicken filets? The sandwich is a bit of a mystery. You won't find it on KFC's website and it's only sold in Nebraska at the current time (a blessing in disguise for your cholesterol). If I were to attempt to estimate calories and fat on this sucker, based on the nutrition stats for KFC's regular original recipe sandwich, we're looking at about 1,100 calories and 65 grams of fat. Eeks! That's basically your entire day's worth of food wrapped up between 2 fried chicken breasts. Enticing? Not so much. This is definitely one order to steer clear of!

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