Monday, September 7, 2009

The September Issue: Delicious

With much anticipation, I saw The September Issue last night - the documentary about the infamous fashion editor/"ice queen" Anna Wintour and the production of Vogue's largest issue ever, Sept. 2007. What does a fashion docu have to do with health and food? A hell of a lot. We're all influenced by fashion in some respsect, whether you want to admit it or not. Culture, design, lifestyle, the way we look, the way we feel and the way we eat...all completely intertwined. And interestingly enough, food, diet and health were often referred to throughout the movie (it's not just all coffee, I did see actual food in those offices and I know Conde Nast has an incredible cafeteria first-hand!). From strong-willed Grace Coddington (Vogue's amazingly talented creative director) and her healthy salad lunches, to Andre Leon Talley's (editor-at-large) mention of his on-going efforts to lose weight healthfully upon Wintour's encouragement. There's even a great scene of a thinner than thin model savoring a small berry tart at the end of a photo shoot - savoring and smiling, kind of a nice change of pace.
Certainly, food and diet is a controversial topic within t
he fashion world when all hinges around weight and appearance, but that wasn't the focus of the movie. Figuring out how to balance healthful eating and a realistic healthful weight helps us feel that much more comfortable and confident in our own skin, regardless of what we put on top of it!

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