Thursday, November 5, 2009

On my radar: 18 Rabbits granola bars

After taste-testing a new line of granola and granola bars over the past few weeks (well, new to the East Coast at least), I just had to give the folks at 18 Rabbits a solid shout out. Hailing from San Fran and founded by Alison Bailey Vercruysse, 18 Rabbits is totally natural, straight up granola goodness. The products support local farmers and artisans in the Bay Area with sustainable and organic ingredients whenever possible. Forget sugary sweeteners, these delectable items are the real deal with simple, basic ingredients like pecans, apricots, figs, pumpkin seeds, whole oats, bing cherries, dates, almonds, sesame seeds and cocoa nibs. Among the 4 granola bars flavors, the Funky Fig & Cherries was my fave (and I'm beyond selective when it comes to any granola bar period!). Other tasty flavors include: Cheeky Cherry Chocolate, Haute Diggity Date and Veritas granola (hazelnuts, flax, walnuts and cocoa nibs). These suckers are damn tasty and are great for a filling, energizing snack and the calories are right on target around 200. Keep your eyes out, 18 Rabbits has hit Dean & Deluca and is making its way to Whole Foods soon!

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