Monday, January 11, 2010

From Runway to Refrigerator (and to your plate)

It's a time of year devoted to revitalization and fresh starts. Enter all the resolutionistas at the gym and the even longer lines at Whole Foods. And in my own form of refreshing myself each January, I often turn to my favorite fashion mags for some thoughts of spring clothing and creative inspiration (hey, they're one of my guilty pleasures, we all have them). That said, I was flipping through Harper's Bazaar earlier this week while sweating it out at the gym and stumbled on an article that provoked some thought, and inspired a connection. How do the primary trends of spring fashion -- utilitarian simplicity, individualism and functionality -- translate to our tables and our food? I love to mix all things cultural and that's exactly what we're doing. Fashion, food and design flow together more effortlessly than you might think.

Fashion: basic simplicity | Food: simple, delicious food from the freshest ingredients
Fashion: individualism | Food: get creative, make up a recipe all of your own, experiment with new flavors, seasonal ingredients, spices, fresh herbs and more.
Fashion: functionality | Food: food serves as both energy and an experience, get the best quality you can afford and you'll never be disappointed on either end.

So, to pay tribute to Spring Fashion Week that will have NYC all-abuzz February 11-18th, I'll be doing a runway show of my own (of sorts) - a series of posts over the next week or two of simple ingredients, fresh recipes -- getting back to the basics, just like spring fashion. A handful of my favorite pieces prominent for spring...from a gorgeous "simplistic" Coach handbag, a bit of YSL bling and "individualism," to a "basic" denim dress and "functional" See by Chloe sandals.

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