Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Scoop :: 10 Ways to Eat Ethically from the Boys at GQ

In the spirit of the World Cup, if you're looking for something worthy to cheer on (and possibly get a bit obsessive over) this summer, aiming to eat a little more ethically and sustainably is unarguably a solid pick. Even the guys at GQ are talking about it with Alan Richman's candid "Eat No Evil" article in the July 2010 issue.  
And yes, my own obsession with all things magazine and print takes me into the world of men's periodicals...good looking men in well-fitted suits, straight up-no-BS articles and interesting food & travel coverage...I'm definitely not one to discriminate.  
Richman shares his personal account of a 30 day attempt to wine and dine as ethically as possible.  Simple and straight up as eating really should be -- good food from good sources, raised, produced and served using good methods and products.  Here's his official, amusing but sensible "10 Commandments" of ethical eating (check out the full article as well in this month's issue, it's great beach reading that even your boyfriend can appreciate).  

1. If you have to eat in a hurry, eat a salad, difficult as that might be.
2. Food wrapped in plastic or Styrofoam is ethical only if you're an astronaut.
3. Know how the animal you eat was raised. You can lead an unexamined life, but your food cannot.
4. Transform your front lawn into a garden. (Be prepared for neighbors to consider you a fruitcake—or worse, a European.)
5. Unless your mom cooks from scratch, she has no business telling you what to eat.6. Nobody's health ever declined from eating unadvertised products.
7. Consider vegans a warning sign of ethical eating run amok. *no offense vegan readers!
8. Buying eleven-grain bread instead of seven-grain bread does not make you a better person.

9. The $4.99 all-you-can-eat pancake special at IHOP is not an ethical meal, even without bacon.10. If you have to eat in airports, don't. (But you already knew that.)