Monday, January 3, 2011

Wring Out the New Year: Food Lover's Cleanse is Live!

If you happened to indulge a wee bit too much over the past few days (or the entire month of December), get ready to do some serious "New Year's detoxing" damage control - with delicious food for a fresh start to 2011!  The Food Lover's Cleanse is officially live on and you can follow along as writer Sara Dickerman takes the challenge for the next 2 weeks and loses her beloved AM coffee, weans back on bread, pasta and dairy, ditches alcohol and sweets (sans 2-4 drinks and 2 real-deal but small-portioned desserts) per week.  Don't worry, I didn't suck ALL the fun out of eating when working out BA's plan.  What will you be boosting UP on? 
  • water (start guzzling for a sure-fired way to kick-start digestion and release toxins)
  • citrus fruit (so refreshing and naturally sweet and it bucks any holiday-bloat you're experiencing)
  • detoxifying fruits & veggies like beets, celery root, dark leafy greens and more
  • super-satisfying and energizing comfort-carbs like bulgur, quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, butternut squash to name a few
  • anti-inflammatory healthy omega-3 fats like avocado, olive oil, wild salmon and grass-fed, grass-finished beef (YES beef!)
  • dark chocolate -- you love me even more now right?!
With all this and by dropping back your portion sizes a tad, you'll wring out any excess holiday poundage and keep charging ahead into the new year.
And to back up everything we're talking about, check out Mark Bittman's insightful article in Sunday's New York Times - sustainable eating, real food.  Skip the crazy diets and get back into the kitchen, please!  Basic, simple and realistic advice and strategies...that really work.

A few of the recipes in BA's Food Lover's Cleanse just to wet your appetite... 


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Anonymous said...

looks interesting but the recipes are a little too complex for me - I have a long commute (time issues)and live in the country so some ingredients are harder to come by - but a great idea and I will follow along, I certainly can use some of the ideas.