Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love + A Little Chocolate

Ask me my opinion about Valentine's Day and you may receive a brief rant about the "Hallmark holiday," but I'll never pass up an invitation to indulge in divinely good chocolate and enjoy the company of a loved one to share it with, no matter what day of the year.  These pretty pics are from Dude, Sweet Chocolate, a Dallas-based chocolatier that I'm lucky to have stumbled upon earlier this week thanks to the wonders of the web--perfect timing right?  Hand-made, artisan confections using the world's best chocolate and a mix of ingredients that I'm fairly certain, will leave you screaming for more.   
A sampling to wet your taste-buds..savory flavors like Marakesh (fresh dates & ras el hanout), Parique (Louisiana tobacco & cognac)...and sweet - Tahitian (passionfruit & ginger salt), Hill Country (Zip Code honey, lavender, Dallas Co. goat crema) Indian (rosepetal jam & marzipan).   
Above you've got a rich dark chocolate bark studded with salted and candied whole hazelnuts, almonds and macadamia nuts, aptly named "Crack in a Box".  Other options to tempt your lover with...chocolate covered marshmallows, fudge, popcorn, nuts rolled in white and dark chocolate and a love-inducing potion of chocolate sauce if you're really intent on celebrating Vday.  Sadly, I'm left to order these lovelies online straight from Dallas, unless some secret crush out there surprises me come Monday!  Happy hearted weekend all!

toffee with hints of porcini mushrooms, adorned with crunchy pumpkin seeds (that happen to be a great source of healthy omega-3 fats!)

so chic, you almost don't want to eat them...almost

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