Monday, July 14, 2008

Gone fishing in NYC

Good seafood can be hard to come by in this city. But sometimes on a warm summer evening, that's all you're looking for--a little beachy nostalgia wrapped up in a nice, simple seafood meal. Though I'd heard rumors of terribly long waits (even for NYC), I decided to brave the crowds and met a friend at Mary's Fish Camp in the West Village for an incredibly quaint, delicious dinner. A small, white-washed corner cafe with a few tables, curved counter with bar-stool seating, and more fresh fish options than you could ever imagine. There's something wonderful (and healthful) about simple, clean food and Mary's gets it right on. My friend and I decided to share a few dishes, starting off with a tomato-feta salad with some of the crunchiest cucumbers I've had all season. Lobster knuckles (at left) were up next--freshly steamed, they were so amazing who really needs butter to clutter the taste? For the entree, we split spot tailed bass accompanied by a tasty summer corn-avocado relish. (A nice little boost of omega-3 healthy fats in there!)
If you're on the healthy-eating straight and narrow, this is certainly one restaurant that provides a ton of tasty, lower-calorie and heart-healthy choices. With a daily listing of whole fresh fish, you're able to take the driver's seat and request your preferred cooking method...grilled is always a great call. Tack on a side of fresh veggies or some corn on the cob and you've got a really well-rounded meal. And if you're in the mood for sharing something a little more spurlge-worthy, don't worry, the fried oysters and lobster roll are staples on the menu.
I'll definitely be headed back in the near future. Happy fishing!

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