Friday, July 11, 2008

Herb gardens go urban

Sometimes you have to make the best of things living in NYC. Having outdoor space in this city basically requires being blessed by the real estate gods...or being lucky enough to have inherited a spacious, rent-controlled apartment from your grandparents or some long-lost relative you met once when you were 5. Unfortunately, I fall into neither of those categories.
So, I thought I'd share a quick, inside look into my attempt at creating greenery within the confines of my apartment. Sure, I'd love to have a sprawling garden with flowers, herbs and fresh vegetables, but the linoleium flooring in my kitchen doesn't exactly fit the bill. Alright, I'm a compromising person. Call me what you want, a culinary dork, a nerdy nutritionist (which I'm not thank you!), but I really wanted to have access to fresh herbs for when I'm cooking, makes a huge difference in flavor. Say hello to my makeshift herb garden on my kitchen windowsill. It's a bit sparse at the moment, but I've got some incredible basil perfect to pair with summertime tomatoes and fresh mozzarella and sweet-smelling mint, great for tossing into salads, marinades, iced-tea etc. Thankfully my kitchen gets lots of sunlight--the herbs are growing at light-speed. I'm planning to add a few other herbs down the road (I'm thinking rosemary and thyme for the fall).
What's the moral to today's semi-random post? It doesn't take much to boost the flavor and healthfulness of your matter where you live. Fresh herbs and spices are a no-brainer!

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