Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wonder what's on my plate?

I often get asked, "What do you eat on a given day?". Well, here you go...my good friend Margarita at Glamour magazine asked me to disclose to readers a day in the life of a nutritionist (or "nutritionista" as she likes to call me!). So here it is front and center in her own blog post from earlier today (check out her inspiring weight loss/healthy eating blog - Margarita Shapes Up).

My Two Skinny Friends Tell Exactly What They Ate Yesterday
Marissa’s Vitals:

*equal parts ‘nutritionista’ and foodie
*half-marathoner and Spin buddy
*lover of mint chocolate-chip ice cream and red wine (her motto: everything in moderation)
That's Marissa in the pink dress. I want to wake up in my next life with her portion control and her ability to wear pink satin.

Marissa's Food Diary:
7:30 A.M. At My Apartment - pre-breakfast
1 / 2 a ruby red grapefruit. Vitamin C-rich grapefruits are in season right now and they’re amazing! I’m slightly obsessed. It’s a quick and easy jumpstart to my morning as I’m running out the door to my office for a long day of seeing clients and wrapping up a few article deadlines.
9:00 A.M. In The Office, Between Early-Morning Clients -- breakfast
Low-fat plain organic yogurt with banana slices and a handful of Feed GranolaA small coffee with 1 teaspoon of agave nectar (a natural sweetener that’s a little more blood-sugar friendly) and whole organic milk. I use a small drizzle, so I can handle the little extra indulgence!
12:30 P.M. Still At The Office
A little Babybel cheese round to get me to lunch. (I aim to eat something, whether it's a meal or a small snack, every 3-4 hours to keep my blood sugar steady and my energy levels kicking.)
2:00 P.M. At Grey Dog Coffee Shop

I usually try to bring lunch from home, but yesterday was crazy. I grabbed a cup of tomato lentil soup (high in fiber!) and a side salad with vinaigrette.
5:15 P.M. At My Office, Before The Gym

1 tablespoon of organic cashew butter (one of my new favorite things) with an apple.
9:00 P.M. Thailand Cafe With Friends

Shared a green papaya salad to start. Grilled Coconut Chicken with steamed vegetables and a little more than half a cup of jasmine rice as my entree. A glass of red wine. (Hey, even nutritionists have their vices!).
**About 2 liters of water and a cup of Pomegranate Green tea throughout the day.
by Margarita Bertsos

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