Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall at the Farmers Market...Plain old pretty

I walked through Union Square's greenmarket earlier this week and couldn't help but snap a few pics of all the amazing colors and mountains of fall produce that have come into season. Wondering what's in season at the moment? A few options for your autumn grocery list include: apples (a zillion different varieties, winesap's my favorite currently), squashes like butternut, spaghetti and acorn, pumpkin, beans, potatoes, eggplant and pears among others. Take a look for yourself. Here's a mini visual feast for your eyes...just in time for lunch!


Grace Dickinson said...

Farmers markets save you when you live in the city...I recently moved from the country to Philly, and I love getting out to the farmers markets to get FRESH food. Cool blog.

Marissa said...

Thanks so much, Grace! Philly's one of my favorite cities. GREAT food scene. Happy farmers marketing!