Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Weekend Guide: What's Cooking

Watch: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution - Friday, March 26th
| ABC 8pm EST
British superstar chef Jamie Oliver tackles adult and childhood obesity in America and heads to Huntington, WVa to change up how we think about healthy food and cooking. The first in a six part series.

Eat: New in town for all you NYCers...
Kenmare - 94 Kenmare St. opens Friday, March 26th
The latest venture of Little Owl former chef Joey Campanaro who's teaming up with Paul Sevingy, the brains behind the former Beatrice Inn. Addictively-good comfort food + a vibe that's sure to be uber-hip with a touch of's guaranteed to be Nolita's new little hot spot.


Eat x2: Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria -- 282 Bowery @ Houston opens Friday, March 26th
Keith McNally's newest addition along with Nate Appleman from SF. What's better on a Friday night than a glass of wine and a slice or two of wood-fired, thin crust pizza with intriguing, super-fresh ingredient combos like: salame piccante, tomato, mozzarella, olives, oregano & chiles and potato, mozzarella, provolone, cabbage, prosciutto cotto & rosemary? We'll find out...I'll be heading down there myself!

(photo: New York Magazine)

Spring Clean: Yup, do some spring cleaning for your fridge this weekend. Princeton University just released a new study citing the significant impact high fructose corn syrup can have on weight gain and obesity symptoms (abdominal fat and high triglyceride levels). More backing for similar studies...and that much more impetus to check ingredient lists and clean up your fridge and pantry for fresher, less processed foods. Take a look at condiments, cookies, chips, juice, yogurt, frozen meals, canned soups, soda and a hell of a lot more (you'll likely be shockingly surprised). What's the easiest way to avoid HFCS? Start shopping smartly at places like Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, your local greenmarket where you won't find HFCS on labels or look for more natural or organic brands at your local grocery store.

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