Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Favorite Finds :: Eco-Conscious Tableware

Give a little love to Mother Earth today in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. In the spirit of making mealtimes 'greener' as well as healthful, here are a few favorite tableware picks with a sustainable, eoc-friendly and stylish twist.

1. Bambeco ceramic plates naturally crafted from teak leaves
2. Off Pitcher + Cup, from Handmade by Esque, made from recycled glass
3. Mini-Me's hand-crafted bamboo bowls, responsibly made in China
4. Pigeon Toe Ceramics nesting bowls, hand-thrown on a potter's wheel, earth friendly with a lead-free glaze
5. L'Aviva Home Bolivian rosewood hand-carved bowls made using stumps and branches left behind in well maintained forests in Santa Cruz
6. Totally Bamboo sustainable and fair-trade bamboo serving plate
7. Pigeon Toe Ceramics folded salt & pepper bowls made with clay porcelain that's lead-free and earth friendly, hand-crafted
8. Sin by Virginia Sin porcelain paperclay plates (a combo of porcelain and previously used paper plates)

*special thanks to Stacey Lipschitz for her master photoshop skills!

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