Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Favorite Finds: Inspirational Ikat

In my frenetic, last-minute preparations for my trip to Turkey tomorrow, I figured a bit of graphic, colorful inspiration would be an appropriate adieu. The ikat trend was all over runways this season and I've scouted some great pieces that translate the trend to the table for a cool, fun dining experience with a touch of exoticism.
Fingers crossed that the airspace ash currently affecting Spain, Morocco and of course Turkey will subside and our flight takes off on time tomorrow. Until then, I'll be tying up loose ends at work and dreaming about exploring Turkey's incredible spice markets, shopping it up at Istanbul's infamous Grand Bazaar, wandering through breath-taking mosques and historic sites, delving into Turkish cuisine face-first, relaxing at the baths and taking in all the other sights, sounds, smells and tastes that everyone and their mother has been raving about to me upon learning of my travel plans. And not to worry, I'll be documenting my experiences along the way...stay tuned and bon voyage!
1. Ikat napkins | Anthropologie, $8 each
2. Vintage Uzbek ikat porcelain teapot | Distant LA, $94.99 *featured in May 2010 Elle Decor
3. Java platter | Home, James! East Hampton, $150
4. Ikat fabric table runner | Sheherazade, NYC, $25
5. Ikat plates | Dandelion SF, coming soon
6. Ikat bowl | Anthropologie, $14 each

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