Sunday, August 15, 2010

a simple Sunday brunch

It's a quiet weekend in NYC.  Cooler weather with Saturday's gorgeous sun and today's calm grey skies.  It seems like everyone's slowing down a bit, taking a respite from their standard summer weekend getaway trips upstate, to the Hamptons or to Fire Island.  I'll leave you to your lounging with some visual inspiration - a simple brunch and a good long read of the paper - quite appropriate on this lazy, hazy Sunday.
and if you're wondering what's on my plate...
* 2 eggs, fried sunny-side up in a dab of olive oil and sprinkled with salt, freshly ground pepper and a bit of harissa sauce (Taim on Waverly and Perry sells their own peppery harissa, it's amazing)
* a quick saute of summer corn and cherry tomatoes sprinkled with fresh basil and a touch of sea salt.
* add on a few slices of avocado on the side and you've got a deliciously healthy and fast brunch that gives a nod to seasonal ingredients and comfort food all at once

a for few other pretty pics of brunching, here are a handful shot by Brooklyn photographer Jennifer Causey featured on her blog, SimplyBreakfast