Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what does your fridge look like?

Taken a peek inside your fridge lately?  Would you be shocked or quite pleased with what you find (or don't find) inside?  Photographer Mark Menjivar would like to know.  His current photography series, You Are What You Eat, is currently on display at the Rayko Gallery in San Francisco.   For the past few years Menjivar has been photographing the fridges of individuals across the US in an attempt to explore social issues around food and how they affect us and our communities.  If you think about, opening up your home to someone, let alone your fridge, is a pretty personal issue.  One of Menjivar's subjects even likened it to posing nude in front of the camera!  So take a look...would you be cool, calm and collected standing in front of your wide open fridge in all it's exposed glory?  Send in your own fridge photos and we'll post them up in a photographic study of our own!  
Above, one of Menjivar's photos - a San Antonio bartender's fridge.  I love the folded American flag discreetly placed on the top shelf.  
Below, what a gorgeous, healthful fridge might look like (even with a little ice cream & chocolate syrup mingled in there!).  This fridge is straight out of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn from the home of my good friends Amy Abrams and Ronen Glimer.  Without fail, their fridge is always stocked with plenty of fresh, seasonal produce from the Park Slope Co-op and local greenmarkets.  And their shopping habits are indeed paying off, their two young daughters are some of the most adventurous eaters I know-and they love their fruits and veggies (and their cupcakes too)!

And a few more of Menjivar's photos...

the fridge of a community volunteer who is blind and lives alone

a San Antonio carpenter's freezer who had recently shot a buck in his yard

a midwife who had just set out to eat all locally grown foods

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