Monday, April 11, 2011

What to Watch :: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Takes on LA

Set your DVR's, celebrity UK chef Jamie Oliver is taking on LA with season 2 of Food Revolution starting tomorrow night, Tuesday April 12th, on ABC at 8pm EST.  Jamie's set on tackling childhood obesity and bringing positive change to the school lunches served within LA's Unified School District.  Rumor has it that he encounters quite a few stumbling blocks, but you'll just have to watch for yourself.  Season 2 is another step towards growing the conversation around our country's eating habits and vying for healthier change.  You can support change by signing his Food Revolution petition to revise school lunch standards across the nation.

And on the big screen, a new documentary just premiered in the past few weeks highlighting one man's cross-country 3,000 mile quest to change his health and weight for good.  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is unbelievably inspiring.  Joe Cross was 100 pounds overweight and fighting a debilitating auto-immune disease with steriods and countless, and costly, medications.  His mission to reclaim his health brought first to NYC and then on a cross-country trip, consuming nothing but fruit and vegetable juice for two months (we're talking serious determination and a battery-powered Breville juicer in the trunk of his car).  While clearly not sustainable long-term, Joe's habits helped him achieve a healthy weight and put his disease well into remission.  Three years later, he's medication-free and eats a well-balanced diet (which in his own words, most definitely includes the occasional pizza and beer).  Whether you're fan of heavy juicing or not, the takeaway message of the film reminds viewers that most of us are eating no where nearly enough fresh fruits and vegetables.  Make that the majority of your diet (50% or more) and you'll reap the benefits, more energy and acuity, better digestion and of course, weight loss if you're seeking to shed a few extra lbs.
For screenings and showtimes near you, check the movie's website here.

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