Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Autumn's Abundance

Say hello to September!  Fall and all that comes with it is almost officially here.  A cool, crisp energy and excitement seems to seep through the air, invoking plenty of possibility and purpose with the shift of a fresh season.  My appetite for autumn turns to my closet - the glory of fall fashion and reinvigorated sense of style - and to my kitchen...chilled temperatures and a harvest that brings apples, pears, leafy greens, butternut squash, pumpkin, potatoes and so much more to the market.  And with all that, NYC becomes this enlivened, wondrous place each fall, at least for me.  Let your creativity and tastebuds run wild and see what happens.  One of my favorite bloggers and the founder of Rue Magazine (which is just days away from it's launch - Sept 16th!), Crystal Gentilello, put it best in her own recent blog post--in the Big Apple, anything seems possible!  

*images: my own, plushpalate, sarahklassen

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