Monday, September 20, 2010

Food Fixation :: Concord Grapes

After snagging some of these autumn beauties at the greenmarket this morning ($4 per quart), I felt obligated to share the love and let you in on a little secret...concord grapes are the sweet, natural sugar fix of the moment!  Deep, dark purple in color, concord grapes hit the scene in the 1850's in -- surprise, surprise -- Concord, Mass.  Rich in disease-fighting, anti-aging antioxidants, these grapes are exceptionally sweet, they're the variety generally used to make that grape jelly you loved so much as a kid.  As a mature adult, I might be more inclined to opt for some raspberry preserves or strawberry-balsamic jam, but for a quick sweet-tart snack or dessert, these babies are like mini bombs of flavor and will cure any sugar or candy craving with even the teensiest handful. 
If you can find them, get some, as they have a fairly short season....and they're  just 62 calories per cup.  That's one good grape.

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