Monday, September 13, 2010

rooftop farming with the Brooklyn Grange

Feeling the need for an impromptu field trip last week, my good friend Alison Vercruysse (founder of the best granola ever - 18 Rabbits) and I hopped the subway and headed to Long Island City to check out the expansive rooftop farm, the Brooklyn Grange.  Brooklyn Grange is a commercial organic farm operated on New York City rooftops.  Talk about greening our city.  The farm serves both countless area restaurants and the local community, selling produce on site Tuesday through Thursdays and on Sunday's at Roberta's in Bushwick.  Why bring produce to rooftops?  In words straight from their website, "the goal is improve access to very good food, to connect city people more closely to farms and food production, and to make urban farming a viable enterprise and livelihood."  
A few shots from the roof...

chili peppers...that are sold whole and used in their homemade hot sauce (see below), it's damn good

a pretty patch of lettuces

corn and the cityscape 

their infamous hot sauce -- according to Alison who's from Texas 
and knows hot sauce, this stuff is the real deal

the day's harvest for sale...peppers, chilies, greens and more

more good food...eggplant, okra, tomatillos and rainbow chard

Alison's a happy supporter

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